Snow & Ice Management

Snow and Ice in Grand Rapids
Are No Match for PROCARE’s Commercial Snow Plowing Services!

In the Greater Grand Rapids Area, snow and ice make up a large part of our winter landscape. PROCARE’s Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Management Services offer dependability, expertise and safety. At PROCARE, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to communication, which ensures an up-to-the-minute response. We provide completely customized removal services, depending on the unique needs of your commercial property.

PROCARE employs a large fleet of plowing equipment, which allows us to maintain shorter snow plowing routes and to provide a better service. Our selection of equipment allows us to provide customers with the specific snow removal options they require. Parking lots, roadways and driveways are cleared of snow in time for your employees and customers to arrive safely, using the methods best suited to your space; and we utilize liquid salt brine instead of regular salt for deicing to avoid unnecessary mess. We always perform the correct snow removal service at the right budget. Stop searching for commercial snow plowing in Grand Rapids, MI: call PROCARE today!

Ala Carte Services


*Basic Plan includes: Spring Cleanup, Mowing, & Fall Cleanup